Защита кузова и лакокрасочного покрытия пленкой

Anti-gravel protection is a kind of armour, a shell for your car. When driving on roads, especially on our roads, gravel, small debris and rubble often fly from under the car body, which can damage the paintwork of the body. Also insects at high speed of the car can leave small damages. Unfortunately, it is difficult to avoid such small troubles, regardless of the situation on the road or the qualification of the driver.

However, all these problems are solved by anti-gravel film on the car.

What is anti-gravel film?

Anti-gravel film (ppf film) is a thin film, usually made of polyurethane or polyurethane nanocomposite, which is installed on various parts of the car to protect it from damage caused by stones, sand, salt and other aggressive elements on the road. This film has excellent adhesion properties and transparency, allowing you to maintain the original appearance of the car.

Polyurethane film on the car. Advantages

Cladding your car with polyurethane film can bring many benefits:

  • Increased safety. Chip and scratch-protected headlights and bumpers increase driving safety as they remain clear and transparent without obstructing visibility.
  • Preservation of appearance. Anti-gravel film prevents chips and scratches, preserving the original paintwork of the car.
  • Increasing the value of your car. Anti-gravel film increases the value of your car when you sell or trade it in.
  • Saving money. By protecting your car from damage, you save money on repairs and painting.

What parts of the car can I put anti-gravel film on?

Anti-gravel film can be installed on various parts of the car:

  • Bumpers. It protects the bumper from stones and other particles that can damage the paintwork.
  • Headlight cladding with polyurethane film. The film keeps the clarity and brightness of headlights, which improves visibility on the road.
  • Mirrors: Protects mirrors from scratches and scuffs.
  • Bonnet and roof film: Installation on the bonnet and roof provides comprehensive protection of the upper parts of the car.

Service life of the anti-gravel film

Depending on the operating conditions and care, the protective film on a car can have different lifespan. In our tinting centre we use high quality XPEL ppf films made in the USA. Such film will serve for many years. It is resistant to UV light, aggressive chemicals and extreme weather conditions. Regular maintenance, including washing and degreasing, will help keep it in excellent condition.
In conclusion, anti-gravel protection is an investment in the longevity and preservation of your car’s appearance. It provides many benefits, increasing driving safety and saving you money.

Install an anti-gravel film to protect your car and enjoy its beauty for years to come!


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