Anti-gravel protection is a kind of armor, a shell of your car. When driving on the roads, especially on our roads, gravel, small debris and rubble often fly from under the car body, which can damage the paint coating of the body.

Also insects at high speed of the car can leave small damages. Unfortunately, it is difficult to avoid such small mishaps regardless of the situation on the road or the qualifications of the driver.

To keep the body of your car in its original form during the exploitation process, we suggest installing an anti-gravel protection film. This polyurethane film provides a high level of protection for your car, does not damage its paintwork, and thanks to its high transparency and glossy sheen, remains virtually invisible.

The film is excellent for applying to any part of the body – fenders, hood, doors, bumpers, as well as headlights, and it should be noted that the application of the protective film on the headlights does not affect the distribution of light.

The film does not prevent the penetration of ultraviolet rays and does not prevent the protected elements from burning out, thus allowing you to maintain a homogeneous color of the body. The great advantage of the anti-gravel film is that it does not yellow over the years, and the protective layer of lacquer allows you to polish it if necessary. The film is easy to apply to different parts of the car, and if necessary, it is also easy to remove without damaging the coating.

An anti-gravel protective film is a wise investment and preserves the value of your car.


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