"Anti-rain" a polymer film

In addition to the obvious advantages, the coating “Anti-Rain” has a lot of other advantages:

  • scratch resistance
  • saving on window cleaning fluid
  • visibility 40% better, driver response 25% faster
  • easy cleaning from dirt and insects
  • The effect lasts 6 months

Poor visibility prevents you from driving? There is a solution!

Nature has no bad weather, but as drivers say, there are bad weather conditions. Those who are often behind the wheel know that rain is not only wet and slippery roads, but also poor visibility, rapid fatigue, and therefore increased risk on the road.

The new service “Anti-Rain” is a protective coating of glass, which creates a polymer film. Water collects in droplets and rolls down the surface, leaving no streaks. Thus, at speeds above 60 km/h there is no need to use wipers, which also means good visibility not only through the windshield, but also through the side windows and rear-view glass.


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