Coating of the bodywork with Ceramic Pro

The coating of the bodywork with Ceramic Pro protective compound is:

  • Protection against external factors such as UV radiation, acid rain, reagent, salts, oxidation.
  • Expressed saturation of the paint.
  • Extra mirror shine.
  • Smooth body surface.
  • Hydrophobic effect.

Ceramic Pro is an innovative silicon dioxide-based ceramic protective coating, designed for particularly long-lasting and optimal protection of your car.

Ceramic Pro has an atomic crystal lattice and forms a strong bond of ceramic particles with the particles of the coated surface, forming a strong protective layer resistant to UV radiation, acid rain, reagent, salts, oxidation, paint fade, minor scratches and other external factors.

After coating with Ceramic Pro, the color depth is enhanced, the surface is smoother to the touch and a mirror-like, glossy shine appears. Ceramic Pro has a hydrophobic effect that makes it easy to clean organic and inorganic dirt from the bodywork of your car without damaging it or leaving traces.

Abrasive-free, suitable for all colors and types of bodywork.


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