Dent Removal Without Painting

Dent removal without painting using PDR technology.

According to one version, the technique of dent straightening without painting was first applied at a Mercedes-Benz plant in Germany, after which it underwent some modifications and improvements in the USA, and has now been brought to perfection and found widespread use all over the world. Which is no wonder! Straightening dents without painting has many advantages!

Nobody is safe from dents on cars, as they happen not only as a result of minor accidents, careless parking or inattentiveness on the part of passengers who open the doors without looking around. Unfortunately, dents are often the result of unforeseen weather conditions, hail, icicles and snow, falling branches in high winds or the work of an intruder. When the dents are small, there is no desire or need to repaint the entire body of the vehicle, because it’s not only time-consuming but also expensive.

In addition, any repainted car loses its exterior appeal and, as a result, its market value. These are the reasons why paintless dent straightening is so widely accepted by the public.

The dent removal process at our centre takes one to five hours and will cost you several times less than a full body painting job. All work is carried out by specially trained craftsmen who use professional tools and the latest technology, paying attention to the smallest detail.


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