Car Window Tinting in accordance with CSDD Regulations

Car tinting in accordance with EU and Latvian laws is not only a stylish upgrade, but also compliance with the strict regulations set by the laws of the European Union and Latvia. At the Tinting Centre we offer professional tinting services, where every step is carried out in strict compliance with the laws.

Advantages of car tinting

Window tinting offers a number of advantages for you and your car:

UV and heat protection. We use only the highest quality tinting films from ASWF and XPEL, providing effective protection from harmful UV rays as well as interior heating. This helps to ensure the most ideal conditions for the driver and passengers, keeping the paint and interior of the car in excellent condition.

Comfort and privacy. Window tinting creates a comfortable interior environment by reducing the brightness of sunlight, the best heat repellency on the market, unrivalled transparency from the inside, as well as providing increased privacy for passengers.

Safety. Tinted windows can help prevent shards from scattering in the event of an accident, increasing overall driving safety and eliminating the need for costly interior dry cleaning procedures.

Car tinting regulations in Latvia

We strictly comply with all tinting regulations and rules:

  • It is forbidden to cover the windscreen with any films;
  • According to CSDD rules, the upper part of the car windscreen may be tinted by no more than 5-7cm, depending on the make and model;
  • The light transmission of the front door windows and the windows near the side view mirrors must be at least 70%;
  • There are no restrictions on rear window tinting.

Please note that some windows are tinted during manufacture and this must be taken into account when selecting additional tinting.

Lead time

The speed of the work depends on the type of car and the desired degree of tinting. On average, car tinting takes several hours. Our craftsmen will do their best to minimise your inconvenience and complete the work in the shortest possible time.

Professional measurements of light transmission

If you wish, we provide a service of measuring the light transmittance of windows with the film installed. We use similar measuring devices as CSDD (Latvian Central Road Traffic Department), which allows our customers to avoid unnecessary expenses and troubles when passing technical inspection.

At the Tinting Centre we guarantee the quality of work and compliance with all regulations. Trust us and your car will become not only more stylish, but also compliant with all legal requirements.


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