A brief summary of the CSDD tinting regulations:

  • The front door windows and pivoting window glass must have 70% light transmission.
  • There is no restriction on tinting the rear windows.
  • Keep in mind that some glass is tinted by the car manufacturer, which must be taken into account when applying additional tinting.

Do you want your car’s tinted windows to comply with CSDD regulations?

When putting tinting films on your car, our aim is to save you money, so before we start work we inform you about the laws of our country regarding tinting vehicle glass surfaces.

Our company has been known for 20 years for its personal approach to customers. We strive to deliver quality work with full responsibility for the work we do.

If desired, we measure the light transmission of glass with a film installed. Since we use the same measuring instruments as the CSDD, we save our customers the hassle and expense of having to undergo a technical inspection.


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