If you haven’t heard anything about tonesana.lv, a little information about our center:

  • We cooperate directly with American and German manufacturers of tinting films, so we never doubt the quality of the products we offer in the Latvian market.
  • We not only work with professionals, but also constantly train masters in new technologies and services.
  • We have 18 years of experience in the Latvian market.
  • We know Latvian laws and will always advise on the rules of tinting windows.
  • We offer a wide range of services, we have reasonable prices, and we always welcome both regular and new customers.


Tinting of car windows is carried out with the help of tinting film. Tonesana.lv works mainly with American brands, such as ASWF and Sun Tek, being also an official distributor of ASWF.

A large palette of colors and materials allow you to choose exactly the film that best suits your car. You’ll give your car character and a sophisticated look.

Some facts about tinting films:

  1. Tinting films retain UV rays, protecting the interior of your car from premature fading.
  2. By installing tinting films you can save on fuel, because thanks to innovative technology, in winter they keep heat in the cabin, and in hot weather they prevent overheating the car.
  3. Protective films retain debris in the event of a severe impact, such as a collision, thus protecting against injury in an accident or incident.
  4. With the help of tinting films still perfectly performs the function of protection from prying eyes.


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